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  • Sep 13th, 2018
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Ceiling Fan Manufacturers in India, Delhi

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Gone are the days when ceiling fans were used to look just normal in normal colors like white, brown and all that. Nowadays even ceiling fans have changed a lot with the help of many advancements. Now we see amazing designs of ceiling fans and even we see ceiling fans with led lights which are new and trending thing now.

Leading ceiling fan manufacturers in India

But if you are really looking for some beautiful and innovative design ceiling fans for yourself then you will surely find one here at kalptree electric as we are known as the best ceiling fan manufacturers in India when it comes to bringing some innovation in the existing outdated technology.

Here at kalptree electric, we have 3 range of ceiling fans which are premium, deco and basic. As you get it from the name of these categories they just simply resemble the name given to them.

In the basic category, you will get all those basic designs which we all used to have. But as we said I never keep it simple. We always add something unique from our side and that’s the thing for which we are known. So we have swift in this range which will surely suit up to all your basic needs.

If you think of to purchase from our deco range then you have 3 options to choose from that are a swift plus, swift DLX, and Reva. all these three products are exceptionally designed to adds up value to your home or office. They are even designed in 4 blades variant also according to public demand.

Now our most special and premium range has 4 options for you to choose from which are Terrano, Fortuner, Creta, and brezza. All our products come at a totally affordable and cheap price when compared to others in the market. You can reach us for more details about anything anytime.


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