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  • Aug 11th, 2018
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Water Heater Manufacturers in India, Delhi

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Winters are incomplete without water heaters and that’s what the time tells us as soon as the winter season arises. We all are used to water heaters now but you ever thought that they can also be innovative by adding my unique features? Well I know you must be thinking like what unique features a water heater can have?

Leading Water Heater Manufacturers in India

We have the answer to these questions because here at Kalptree Electric we are known as the best water heater manufacturers in India, Delhi not because we say it but because we believe in innovation and we believe in changing people's lives and making it easier.

We have 4 category selection processes for you when it comes to water heaters like you can select them on the basis of storage, instant, portable, and gas. Among these 4 categories, we have also added some sub-categories so that it becomes very easy to select a water heater according to your requirement.

Like if we talk about the storage category then you get two sub-options in it. The first one is the glass line tank in which you have three models to choose from which are quartz, sapphire, onyx. In another stainless steel subcategory, you get to choose among four options which are garnet, pearl, spa, and shells.

Just like this if you choose the instant category we have snippy which perfectly meets all those required conditions when it comes to instant water heaters.

In the portable category, we have tiny for you which is designed just like its name so that you can easily carry it wherever you want. We have made it that easy for you to carry a water heater along with you.

And in our final category that is gas options, we have topaz for you which works exceptionally well on the gas and gives commendable services as a water heater.

You can reach us by any means for any details on any of them very easily.


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