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If you are looking for leading ceiling fans manufacturers in Bengaluru then you are at the right place. Here we at kalptree electric are known as the best ceiling fans manufacturers in Bengaluru. It's been years since we are into this business and we have gained the tag of being best ceiling fan suppliers in Bengaluru with our years of experience. There are plenty of ceiling fan dealers out there and you must be thinking that what is so special in us that we are the best in the industry. So in this post, we have explained all the points that why we are the best in this industry and what all benefits you will get when you will purchase ceiling fans from us. The first and the most important thing about us is that we provide the highest number of options to choose from when it comes to ceiling fans. Nobody else offers so many options as we offer and that is the first reason which makes us the best ceiling fan retailer here in Bengaluru.

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The best thing about kalptree is that you can buy whatever you like without any troubles just from our website only at kalptreeelectric.com. nobody else offers this full option of buying online and these features also help us a lot in building new customers because of its convenient. Now we will take some of our products as an example to know about the range of features which we offer in our products and at the same time, you will get to know that why kalptree electric is known as the leading ceiling fan wholesale dealers in India. In our swift range of ceiling fans, we offer three different sweep options which are 600, 900 and 1200 MM. the rated air delivery of this fan comes at 220 m3/min with a rated speed of 400 RPM. To make the product look good we have added an excellent powder-coated finish. The ceiling fan performs excellent because of the high speed 12 pole full copper motor and the optimized blade angles for higher air delivery. As we said above we offer plenty of options to choose from so you get color options like satan gold, jk brown & copper bronze sandstone as well.

Key Benefits for Kalptree Electric Ceiling Fans

There are number of key benefits for our ceiling fans which makes us the best ceiling fan wholesale dealers in Bengaluru and among them the most important one is that we offer standard 2 years warranty on all our products and that too an onsite warranty which means whatever happens to your fan you just have to give us a call and you will complete help at your doorstep all across India. Apart from that some unique features of our products like less dust attraction, scratch-resistant, easy to clean design, looks new all the time and all such features are unique and you will not find them anywhere else. So plan your purchase today from the top ceiling fans manufacturers in Bengaluru.

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