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If you are looking for Ceiling Fan Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gurugram, Gurgaon then you are at the right place. We here at kalptreeelectric.com are known as the leading ceiling fan manufacturers in gurugram and also we are the best ceiling fan dealers in gurugram. You must be thinking that how we are telling that we are the best. Well, we have mentioned everything in this post which will clear all your doubts and it will also help you in selecting the best ceiling fan of your choice and buy it from the best ceiling fan wholesale dealers in India. With the help of certain examples, we have also explained the amazing features which we offer because of which our products are number one in gurugram and because of which we are known as the best ceiling fan suppliers in gurugram. The best thing about kalptreeelectric.com is that you will find plenty of options while looking for ceiling fans which you will not find anyone else. Ceiling fan is a normal necessity and nobody deals with wide options assuming that it is a normal thing but here at kalptree electric we know and understand that consumers always look for choices in each and every product and that’s why we have kept so many options with us for you to make your selection for ceiling fans.

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You can buy ceiling fans online in gurugram here at kalptreeelectric.com from the widest range of options. You have so many options for you to choose from that after a certain point of time you will get confused like what to choose. So let's understand the features of our products in detail by taking one of the products as an example so that you can better understand ourselves and the products which we offer. In our deco range fans, we have three options for you to choose from that are Reva, swift plus and swift Dlx. These fans serve in the decorative section of ceiling fans. In our Reva fans range, we have included aerodynamically designed blades for better air delivery which comes with overall superior performance. It has a sweep of 1200MM and a rated speed of 370RPM. We have included a powerful full copper motor in this range of decorative fans to make it function smoothly. The excellent powder coated finish adds up more to the beautiful look of this ceiling fan. It works very smoothly without making any noise at all and the decorative rings on the motor and on the canopy are used for better aesthetics. You have multiple color options in this range which include ivory gold & matt copper black also.

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You get some amazing key benefits with all our ceiling fans like 2 years onsite warranty on all the products and full-time customer support service. With such super amazing features and highly efficient products, we are presently the leading ceiling fans wholesale dealers in gurugram. So, don’t wait much now and plan your purchase today from kalptreeelectric.com

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