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If you are looking for the best ceiling fan manufacturers in Kolkata then you are at the right place. We here at kalptreeelectric.com are known as the leading ceiling fan wholesale dealers in India. We have the widest range of options for ceiling fans and that’s why we are known as the best ceiling fan manufacturers in Kolkata. All the options have their own selling points and feature so no matter what you are looking for. You will surely get your desired ceiling fan here for sure. We manufacture all our products with the finest quality material and we always keep our customers and their needs in our mind while designing our products and that’s why our ceiling fan price is the lowest in Kolkata. Now if you think that just because we are offering it at the cheaper price so we are not offering good ceiling fans then you are absolutely wrong. While serving you with the cheapest price in the market we have maintained the finest quality in all our products. so for your better understanding lets take one of our products as an example and discuss its features to know about the quality we offer in our products and about the unique selling points of our products.

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So let's take an example to understand the quality and features of our products in detail. If we talk about premium range ceiling fans then we have four different options for you there which are named Fortuner, Terrano, Creta, and breezes. In this post, we will take about Fortuner in detail to tell you about the features and unique points that we offer in our products. , Fortuner range comes with a sweep of 1200 MM and with a rated speed of 370 rpm. We have developed it in a metallic finish with a lacquer coating and the design we have given to this ceiling fan is canopy design. You get an excellent rated air delivery of 210 m3/min and the fan is completely noiseless. You will not hear any noise at all. It comes with superior, top 7 bottom with wide aluminum blades which delivers superior performance with the help of better aesthetics. We have made it scratch resistant so that it stays like new for longer and is equipped with easy to clean technology so that it does not become hectic for you to clean it. we provide a Standard warranty on the product which is quite good in itself when we consider the customer support services we provide for the warranty.

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All these numerous key benefits add up together and make us the best ceiling fan dealers in Kolkata. The best thing about our warranty is that it is an onsite warranty which means you get all the assistance at your doorstep and you don’t have to go anywhere to get your queries sorted. So plan your purchase today with the best ceiling fan suppliers in Kolkata.

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