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If you are looking for leading ceiling fan manufacturers in Lucknow then you are at the right place. We here at kalptree electric are known as the best ceiling fan wholesale dealers in India and along with that we are also known as best ceiling fan suppliers in Lucknow. In this post, we will explain what are the special features because of which we are known as the best ceiling fan retailer in Lucknow? It takes time and effort to be the best in any field and we have invested them both diligently that’s why we are the best in Lucknow today. Although there are many reasons which make us the best ceiling fan manufacturers in Lucknow there are some features which are very much important. Like only we here at kalptree electric offers the widest range of options to select from when it comes to ceiling fans. You will not find so many options anywhere else and that's the reason we are known as the best ceiling fan retailer in Lucknow. We will now tell about the features of our products which make our products unique so that you can know about our products well.

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So now let's know about the unique features which we offer in our products which makes them different from other businesses. We will take an example of some of our products below to explain the features of our different range of products. there are many such features that are unique to us only and you will not find them anywhere else and that’s why we are known as the top ceiling fan wholesale dealers in India. In our great range of ceiling fans, we offer 1200mm sweep with rated air delivery of 210 m3/min. to make the fan looking stunning we have added many features related to designing like we have added metallic finish with a lacquer coating and also along with this we have added superior aluminum top & bottom with wide aluminum blades which gives a stunning look to the ceiling fan. The fan has a rated speed of 370RPM and for that, we have added a powerful 14 pole full copper motor to achieve that performance. The fan is in a canopy design and a decorative ring on the motor and matching trim on blades is also added to make things sorted.

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There are many key benefits for our ceilings fans which act as deciding factors for many customers. Like we offer a standard 2-year onsite warranty on all our products which is a big feature not offered by anyone else. Then we have some extra features in all our ceiling fans which makes them unique and completely different from others. Our ceiling fans attract very less dust and they are scratch resistant also. It is easy to clean these fans and that’s why they look like always new. So plan your purchase today from the best ceiling fan wholesale dealers in India

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