Exhaust Fan Manufacturers Suppliers
Exhaust Fan Manufacturers Suppliers
Turbo Force
Technical Specification



  • Sweep : 380 / 480 MM
  • Rated Speed : 1400 RPM
  • Totally Enclosed Highly Efficient Heavy Duty Motor
  • Pressure Die-Cast Aluminium Rotor.
  • High Grade Steel (CRC) Stator for longer life
  • High Quality Aluminium Body with In-Built Aluminium Ring.
  • Dynamically balance axial impellers for smooth running.
  • Rigid frame with rubber mounting for silent operation.
  • Resistance to Corrosion and Rust Acid Fumes
  • V3 Pre-Lubricated Double Ball Bearing for maintenance free operation
  • Suitable for Industrial Use.
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Product Specification

Exhaust Fan Manufacturers in Delhi, India - Kalptree Electric

Are you finding Exhaust Fans Manufacturers in Delhi, India? Everyone wants to maintain proper hygiene inside the house. However, due to the lack of ventilation inside the house, the air gets stuck and it creates a huge gap between what people want and what they actually get. Also, a bad odor is something that no one wants inside the house. Everyone wants to eliminate it straight away. This happens more often than not due to the poor ventilation system which most people forget while building the house. However, you can rectify the ventilation system of your house with the help of exhaust fans from Kalptree Electric. The exclusive range of Kalptree exhaust fans is tailored to ensure that the inside of your house becomes more liveable and you can breathe fresh air without any sign of bad odor. As one of the leading turbo force exhaust fan manufacturers in India, we make sure you get the premium range exhaust fans from Kalptree Electric at the most reasonable prices. Whether you install the Kalptree Electric exhaust fan in the bathroom or in the kitchen, you will get the same kind of result.

Creating a Healthy Atmosphere inside the House as One of the Top Turbo Force Exhaust Fan Suppliers in India

The exclusive range of Kalptree Electric exhaust fans is tailored to suit the need of customers. The primary modus operandi of the Kalptree Electric exhaust fans is to create a healthy atmosphere inside the house by ensuring proper air circulation which is lacking in your house. When you have bad odors inside your house, the place cannot be suitable for living because you will struggle to breathe in such conditions. However, Kalptree Electric is one of the leading turbo force exhaust fan suppliers in India and so, it is our duty to present you with exhaust fans which will eliminate such bad odors and giving a healthy atmosphere where you can breathe freely.

Protection from Mould and Mildew

When the air circulation inside your house is very poor, you will face the problem of growing mold and mildew. Now, when you have mold and mildew inside the house, you will also find health issues lurking just behind it which is absolutely not good for you and your family members. That is why you need to have Kalptree Electric exhaust fans. As one of the leading turbo force exhaust fan manufacturers in India, Kalptree Electric will provide you with the exhaust fans which will help you to ouster mold and mildew from your house and create a healthy living space.

After Sales Service Support

Kalptree Electric is a brand that focuses keenly on the needs of the customers. Therefore, if there is an issue with our manufactured exhaust fans, we take the onus to solve that issue as soon as possible. That is why we are among the top exhaust fan manufacturers in India. We have dedicated teams of technicians all over the country who will provide you with world-class after-sales service support. In order to avail of our after-sales service support, you can call us on our toll-free number 1800-313-1433 or email us at care@kalptree.in.



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