Terrano Ceiling Fan Manufacturers in India
Terrano Ceiling Fan Manufacturers in India
Technical Specification


  • Sweep 1200 MM
  • Rated Air Delivery 210 m3/Min
  • Rated Speed  370 RPM
  • Metallic Finish with Lacquer Coating.
  • Powerful 14 Pole Full Copper Motor.
  • Superior Aluminium Top & Bottom with Wide Aluminium Blades.
  • Decorative Ring on Motor and matching Trim on Blades.
  • Designer Canopy.
  • Better Aesthetics.
  • Noiseless Operation.
  • Superior Performance.


Size :

All-India On-Site Service Support

Product Specification

Terrano Ceiling Fan Manufacturers in India, Delhi

The manifestation of elegance with the culmination of powerful performance, this is what the ceiling fans of Kalptree Electric are. Ceiling fans are literally the most superlative solution when it comes to fighting heat in India. Kalptree Electric brings you an exclusive class of sophisticated ceiling fans that will also take the embellishment of your house to a whole new stature. As one of the best  terrano ceiling fan manufacturers in India, our fans will create minimal noise which unfurls a pleasing state for your home. With the change of weather, you can also adjust the speed of our fans easily. This allows a nice circulation of cool air throughout the year inside your home.

Visually Appealing Terrano Ceiling Fan Suppliers in India, Delhi

The primary modus operandi of a ceiling fan is to produce cool air circulation inside the room. However, a ceiling fan needs to be visually appealing as well. Otherwise, it will look out of the place. The reason why Kalptree Electric is one of the top terrano ceiling fan suppliers in India, Delhi is that we produce ceiling fans that appeal visually. The blades of the ceiling fan determine its air circulation. The width of the blades has to be picture-perfect to ensure an even air circulation throughout the room. Kalptree ceiling fans have a seamless finishing on the blades which prevents them from corrosion.

A Plethora of Stylish of Models

Kalptree Electric ceiling fans are brilliant in designs. We make the fans so stylish that anyone will keep on gazing at them with an awe-striking feeling. The glossy texture of our fans will increase the aesthetics of your house. The color combination of our fans is scintillating and tailor-made to bring perfection to your interior decoration. Moreover, the fans are made with dust-free technology which ensures easy maintenance. Remote control enabled ceiling fans will help you to operate quite convenient. The remote control of our ceiling fans also has an LED control panel. As one of the best terrano ceiling fan manufacturers in India, it is our responsibility to produce fans which will be contemporary for ages. Along with consistency in air circulation, Kalptree Electric fans will make your home a beautiful place to live with extraordinarily stylish designs.

Powerful Performance with Energy Saving

Powerful performance and energy saving do not go hand in hand often. Kalptree Electric fans have made that possible. The powerful motors of Kalptree Electric fans are strategically designed to give you the ultimate pleasure with maximum air circulation. Apart from this, our fans will save energy as well. Powerful performance with energy-saving is something that makes Kalptree Electric fans revered around the country.

Kalptree Terrano Ceiling Fans at the Best Price in India

Kalptree ceiling fans have the prowess to prevent you from switching on the air-conditioner even in the scorching summer’s heat. Our ceiling fans are made in a way that they will make your surroundings cool. You will not have to turn to your AC on to have pleasant ambience at your house. Our easily adjustable speed will ensure comfortable weather inside your home. The way Kalptree Electric fans strike the balance between comfort and style is truly admirable. So, bring home exemplary Kalptree fans and get ready to feel the cool weather throughout the room. Check our illustrated and magnificent ceiling fans while sitting at home through online.

After Sales Service Support 

Kalptree Electric ceiling fans are absolutely the best as far as quality is concerned. But, if you face a problem with our fans, unfortunately, we are here to provide you with after sales service support. We have Pan India onsite service support facility for our customers. So, you just need to get in touch with us on our toll-free number 1800-313-1433 or through email care@kalptree.in




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