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Kalptree Electric is a rapidly growing multi-brand for Geysers and Electrical Water Heaters. We assure the customers in getting a great degree of effectiveness, long service life and premium quality, with each of our products. Electric geysers are used by all these days which lead to greater demands.  Kalptree Electric is one of the fastest-growing electric geyser brands in India which is now available in Amritsar as well. Kalptree Electric has earned the trust of customers by providing cutting-edge lifestyle electrical products. Today, product quality has become the driving force for our company. At Kalptree we are always committed to our customers to provide them with premium quality and reliable products that give them an amazing user experience.

Electric geyser water heaters for Amristar
The climate in Amritsar is to be a local steppe climate. In Amritsar, there is little rainfall throughout the year.  A water heater may remain unattended but it becomes a necessity in winter. Kalptree Electric water heater is more popular than other heating products available in the Amritsar market. Our water heaters are good and durable and the customers need not worry about hefty electric bills as they satisfy the ISI standards which mean that the maintenance cost keeps to a minimum. Given that due to colder climates in Amritsar the temperatures are lower; it will take longer to heat water to the desired temperature. Equipped with an advanced digital system, these high-end models can show the accurate temperature of the Amritsar weather and are the best water heaters for home.

Selection of geysers:
Depending on the capacity of the floors of the building, a geyser with a strong tank is your best bet if you reside in a high rise building. Geyser for high rise building must have at-least rated pressure more than 6 bars and must have geyser pressure control valve. A full-sized tank water heater will store more litres of hot water and at the same time serves the requirements of your bathroom, laundry and kitchen.

Our product features

The features of our products are as follows- Easy to operate, low noise production, low maintenance level, robust built and stable working and moisture-resistant. Kalptree Electric’s suppliers and dealers in Amritsar also deal in stainless steel water heater geyser, instant water heater, portable water heater, gas water heater. Leading ceiling fans manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in Amritsar nearby areas also dealing in premium range fans, decorative fans, ventilation fans, table fans, wall fans, pedestal fans,  farrata fans, exhaust fans and cooler kit.

Our employees:
We have a dedicated workforce of employees across India. Our skilled and dedicated workforce has helped us to deliver the best products to our clients and realizes our goal to achieve success in this field. Kalptree Electric has always been motivated to offer great products accompanies with superior services. We understand that there is no alternative to good service and with Kalptree Electric, our clients have no better choice.
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