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Kalptree Electric is a pioneer in Electric Geysers and Water Heaters as well, both in terms of the latest designs as well as technology. Customers from Hisar and Sirsa and other places from India use our products for daily chores. Our wide range of products offers an equally wide range of features. Kalptree’s mission is to add convenience and elegance to the modern home, which drives us in all we do. Every modern household in Hisar and Sirsa with their ever-expanding demands deserves our products that make things possible in a flash.

Our company is supported by a wide marketing and distribution network, and have established a reputation for strong customer support. We have ale offices are located in major cities and have a huge network of dealers spread across the country covering all the states ensures that our products are available everywhere. After Sales Service is an important aspect of the business and the company offers prompt, economical and reliable service for many years.

Hisar and Sirsa have extremes of each climate, which brings a need to use water heaters and geysers and our products are available for them.  Our Electric Water Heater or geyser Manufacturers suppliers and dealers in Hisar and Sirsa also deal in stainless steel water heater geyser, instant water heater, portable water heater, gas water heater.

Our Products: 
Water Heaters and Electric Geysers are the two products offered by us.

Product Feature:

A hot shower helps in rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul. It jet-starts our day on a refreshing note and revives and restores the energy after a long tiring day. A day remains incomplete without a refreshing hot shower. Our customers can indulge themselves in this exhilarating experience with Kalptree Electric water heaters that give the continuous hot water throughout the bath.
●    An array of sizes to meet your varied needs
●    Our products are Durable and stylish
●    They also come with Adjustable temperature settings.
●    Save energy with 5-star rated water heaters
●    Trustable for a lifetime.

Kalptree Electric has a very able and dedicated team of employees working who are very much skilled and trained in the job they perform. Our employees are devoted to the company and to our customers as well, and they never compromise with any of our product quality. Kalptree Electric is divided into equal sectors or departments to facilitate the smooth working of our company which helps in various services as well. We never compromise with quality and so our products have a huge demand in the market Kalptree Electric is motivated to offer great products accompanies with superior services. Our employees are the asset of our company who help us in reaching our goal to serve the nation in any way it can.

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