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Kalptree Electric has maintained its status as the frontrunner in India's water heater and Electric Geysers industry. The range in our product is widely used in various places for its great features and ensures to meet the needs of the end customers. The products and services are well known for their efficient performance, high quality, reliability, and durability. We have been more than blessed to have some of the best professionals in the industry who are always rendering great help in developing the finest range of products available in the Jaipur market and all over India as well.

We at Kalptree have maintained a good level of consistency in offering a highly efficient product range and our infrastructure has undeniably played a great role in ensuring the same. The products offered by us have huge utility in place of their application. The sales and marketing activities of our company are getting performed under guidance. Our Electric Water Heater Manufacturers in Jaipur also deals in stainless steel water heater geyser, instant water heater, portable water heater, gas water heater In the middle of winter, Jaipur has cool evenings, with temperatures dropping to around 5°C and it often surprises visitors that they may need a warm jumper. Our electric geysers and water heaters help to manage the winter climate.

Our Products:

Kalptree’s most reputable products are Electric Geysers and Water Heaters.

Our Product Features:

●    Our water heaters are equipped with path-breaking technologies in water heating.
●    Efficient water mixing system to save power and ensure you get more hot water.
●    Our product is well-rated; it ensures that energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills.
●    Elegant design which is a rare combination of performance with style.

Our Team

Kalptree Electric has an efficient team of skillful professionals to make sure the desired quality of products is never compromised. Based on the test of technical skills, we select our employees in multiple stages. Our employees are also given relevant training over a specified period to enhance their process knowledge and skills. Our team of skilled professionals is capable of executing quality checks in a very smooth way. With a spirit of mutual understanding and corporation, they work together in a hassle-free environment. We at Kalptree Electric have excellent resources to carry out our varied organizational tasks and it is not only the availability of these amenities which helps us to excel but what is doing wonders for us is the most efficient utilization of resources, which gives us the edge in offering a cost-effective range of products to our customers. Our professionals are highly intelligent in understanding the needs of clients and they ensure to make no mistake in fulfilling their aspiration by displaying excellent diligence and sincerity their work.

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