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Kalptree Electric has established its name and entity as one of the most efficient organizations in this field. In a span of a few significant years, we have has become one of the market leaders in the country due to our continuous efforts and creativity in the field. We pay complete attention to quality maintenance in the entire production process. Kalptree eliminates obsolete elements in the process and replaces them with the latest and the most efficient technology or any other resource. We invest a lot in exploring innovative and fresh ideas ways of functioning of various products.

Kalptree Electric has Electric Water Heater or geyser manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in Shimla. They deal in stainless steel water heater geyser, instant water heater, portable water heater, gas water heater. Leading ceiling fans manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in Shimla and nearby areas also dealing in premium range fans, decorative fans, ventilation fans, table fans, wall fans, pedestal fans,  Farrata fans, exhaust fans and cooler kit. 

Shimla is one of the beautiful states in India that is known for its purity, mountains, and cleanliness. Besides being the capital of Himachal Pradesh is also known as the 'Queen of Hills'. Winter season in Shimla makes the town a winter wonderland. The temperature drops to a minimum of -2° C, making the air all cool and pleasant for people to rejoice. 

Selection of Geysers 
Selecting the right geyser water heater size has become a very important issue that needs careful consideration, though a number of people believe that all they need is just to range a geyser by the size of their home to choose the right water heater capacity. A full-sized tank water heater will store more litres of hot water and at the same time serves the requirements of your bathroom, laundry and kitchen.

Products offered by us
The two main products offered by us are Geysers and Electrical Water Heaters.

Our product features 
●    Our products are easy to operate, low noise production, low maintenance level, robust built and stable working and are moisture-resistant;
●    Customers can get the products at an impressive range of prices;
●    Growth in investment value for our clients;
●    There are higher opportunities  for individual satisfaction and improved job security;
●    Our business units will have growth rates that complement each other and produce a company that grows faster;
●    New and high-quality products and services for our customers;

Kalptree consists of extremely talented and experienced personnel and it also possesses fresh minds and energy.  Our work environment goal is to maintain the most hygienic place for our professionals to do their work. We implement various sorts of programs and methodologies to develop and identify a pool of highly capable human resources. We truly understand that there is no alternative to good service and with Kalptree Electric, our clients have no better choice!

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