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Kalptree is one of the leading electric water heater and geyser manufacturers in Srinagar, and our vision is to attain a commanding position in the market. We at Kalptree Electric believe to take care of our customers and enjoy an outstanding reputation for excellence in all of the markets we serve. Earning a reputable name for ourselves in the industry, we have been consistently delivering some of the most outstanding arrays of machines to our clients at competitive prices. We developed a set of values as guidelines for our business, our customers, our employees, and the communities in which we do business In a motive to expand to various locations and provide the service to all the people.

There are quite many Water Heater Manufacturers in Srinagar but we could be the best choice for you. We provide high -quality products at reasonable rates with the warranty. Electric products are becoming important and hence are in great demand.  We provide products and top-notch services to our customers without any compromise in the quality. Our team manufactures and deals with the top -quality electric products especially for Srinagar.    We deal with the best electric products in Srinagar and all over India.

Kalptree Electric has Electric Water Heater or geyser Manufacturers suppliers and dealers in Srinagar. They deal in stainless steel water heater geyser, instant water heater, portable water heater, gas water heater. Leading ceiling fans manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in Srinagar and nearby areas also dealing in premium range fans, decorative fans, ventilation fans, table fans, wall fans, pedestal fans,  Farrata fans, exhaust fans, and cooler kit.

Our aim is to provide 
•    New and high-quality products and services for our customers;
•    Growth in investment value for our clients;
•    Greater opportunity for individual satisfaction and improved job security;
•    Our business units will have growth rates that complement each other and produce a company that grows faster;
•    Our products are easy to operate, low noise production, Low maintenance level, Robust built and stable working and are Moisture-resistant;
•    Customers can get a high -quality product at an impressive range of prices.

Our success always depends upon all of our employees, officers, and directors working together toward the same goals and sharing the same values. Kalptree offers our associates the opportunity to shape the future with a leading global provider of technology and services. We focus on hands-on workshops that help employees learn more at a time. We pass on leadership skills, personal development, soft skill development, team building etc through our training sessions. We believe the best training can bring the gem out of the best talent. We are proud to say that we have an experienced and expert team of committed employees who work hard to deliver quality products to our clients. We make sure that we provide the employees an ideal working environment for them which gives them a perfect opportunity to learn and grow.

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