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Water Heater Manufacturers in Chennai, Kalptree Geyser Price
Water Heater Manufacturers in Chennai

Leading Geyser & Water Heater Manufacturers in Chennai


If you are looking for the best Leading geyser & water heater manufacturers in Chennai then you are at the right place. Kalptree electric is known as the best water heater wholesale dealers in India and we are known as the best water heater manufacturers in Chennai. There are many factors that have become part of our becoming the best in this field. Among all those factors which played their role well the first and foremost is that we manufacture the best available quality in the market. Nobody offers the quality of products in the market which we offer and that is the primary reason because of which we are known as the best water heater suppliers in Chennai. In this article, we have discussed all those points which make us the best water heater retailer in Chennai and also we will explain the features of our products with the help of an example so that you also get to know about our products well before you make any purchase.

Buy Water Heater, Geyser Online in Chennai with Best Features

So now let's talk about the features of one of our products so that you can also understand well how good our products are and why we are known as the best water heater retailer in Chennai. In our tiny range of water heater which comes in the instant water heater options, the best thing is the design which is oval in shape and added with beautiful design and colors. It will surely add value to the place where you will install it because of its beautiful design. It is completely made up of a jointless stainless steel tank which lasts longer and does not leak at all under any normal conditions. The tank comes with ISI mark and thermostat and copper element which works with high-density insulation. The built-in ABS cabinet with fusible plug helps a lot in heating faster while consuming lesser electricity which is another specialty of our water heaters. You get a standard  2 years warranty on the water heater along with a standard 5 years warranty on the inner water tank which means your water heater is good to go for lasting longer and you don’t have to purchase a new water heater again and again. So now let's talk about some overall key features of the water heaters.

Geyser/Water Heater - Key Benefits

The key benefits in our water heaters include many things that add up value to our products. some of them which are most important are the ABS shockproof body which takes care that you don’t get any shock while using the water heater under any circumstances. To guard your safety more we have also added a triple safety protection system in all our water heaters because we believe that your security is a must while using electrical appliances like water heaters. So plan your purchase today with the best water heater wholesale dealers in Chennai and get it at the best price in the city.

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