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While looking for leading geyser suppliers or water heater manufacturers in Faridabad you have come across many businesses. But we here at kalptree electric are known as the best water heater dealers in Faridabad. Now you must be thinking what is there so special in our products that we are the best in Faridabad for electric water heaters. Well, there are plenty of factors that make us the best water heater wholesale dealers in India and Faridabad especially. Among all the important key factors the first one is that all our products are designed with superior quality material that’s why all our products provide high durability and a long life so that you don’t have to buy a water heater again and again. The second thing which is special about our product is that all our products come with a warranty which covers everything with any exclusion conditions. So under this no what happened to the water heater we will get it covered for sure. Apart from all these things it’s the benefits of our products which attract more and more customers. So now let's understand about one of our products and see analyze the benefits which you get when you purchase a product from us.

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We offer our products in a wide range of options so that you get to find your type here for sure whether it may be according to capacity or color or design we have covered all of them. In our sapphire range of water heaters, the first and the foremost attractive thing you will see is the decorative panel which makes it stand miles ahead in looks. We have used blue diamond enamel coating for inner tank and an exclusive single weld line on the inner tank. We have also installed CFC free polyurethane insulation; 21mm and magnesium anode for water purification. We have chosen a corrosion-resistant classic design for the ABS body and added a multifunctional safety value to guard your safety. Our products are designed to handle extreme pressure. It is very easy to maintain our products and comes with vertical wall mounting which looks good in the bathroom. All these things can be controlled with a remote control so you don’t need to think of anything. These kinds of features come with all our products which makes all our products stand away from the crowd.

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All those amazing features which come with our products sums up with a one-year standard warranty which helps you out in difficult times. But we assure you that you will not require it at all as our products are designed accordingly. So buy from the best water heater manufacturers in Faridabad and get the best range of water heaters at the best price available in Faridabad. Buying water heaters and geysers from us will help you out with all the problems of winter at the same time. Book your water heater today from our site and get it delivered at home in the least time possible.

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