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If you are looking for Geyser & water heater manufacturers in Hyderabad then you are at the right place. Kalptree electric is known as the best water heater wholesale dealers in India and we are also known as the best water heater manufacturers in Hyderabad. Now you must be thinking that what is the thing which makes us the best water heater suppliers in Hyderabad?  Let us tell you that we have covered all the points in this post which will tell you why we are known as the best water heater suppliers in Hyderabad. There are many key points which make us the best water heater retailer in Hyderabad among which the most important thing is that we use only high-quality material to manufacture our water heaters. So you get the best quality of water heaters here at kalptree electric which are designed to last longer so that you don’t need to purchase a water heater again and again. Apart from this, there are many other factors and we will discuss them by taking one of our products as an example so that you can learn about our products well.

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So now let's talk about the features of our products by taking an example of one of our products. our topaz range of water heater comes with the most important ISI mark which guards it with the sign of quality. It is completed designed to save more and more energy so that at the month end you don’t end up paying heavy electricity bills. We have taken due care of the security and we claim that it is completely safe & secure and uses a heavy gauge heat exchange system to work as much efficient as possible. It comes with a 6 liters per minute water flow capacity and is equipped with a high-quality igniter. We have also added a 20 minutes auto shut off feature which prevents wastage of electricity and also prevents the water heater from getting overheated. Its products start at both low and high pressure according to the requirement and come with an automatic electrical pulse ignition drive which helps a lot in its performance.

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If we talk about the key benefits which you get while purchasing a water heater from kalptree electric then there are many features that add up value to our products. all our products come with a standard warranty of 2 years on the water heater and 5 years on the water storage tank which means that our products are designed to last longer and when in warranty you get complete on-site assistance so that nothing becomes complicated for you at all. You also get some features in our products like flame failure protection, A-grade solenoid value, instant hot water electricity, and many more features. So plan your purchase today from the best water heater wholesale dealer in Hyderabad and make your winters happier.

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